A Measurement of Success

30 07 2007

How often does your business get things right? How often does your business get it right when things goes wrong?

Seth Godin rightly notes that sometimes customers are just waiting for your business to do something wrong so that they can complain about a long list of grievances they hold. In fact you may have found yourself doing just this when you have had no opportunity to give any feedback about how you feel you may have been treated.

We want to make it easy for the public, customers and staff to ask us questions or tell us things they feel we need to hear. So to make it easy we have set up a new e-mail address for you to send suggestions to: suggestions@customerstreet.com.

Don’t forget if you feel that you have a serious complaint e-mail Graham Armstrong or Accountability Manager.

One measure of success for us is about how well we do things. Another must be how well we do things when it has gone wrong from our customers perspective. If you feel we have done wrong then tell us, tell me, tell Graham and we will do our best to get it sorted out. If we have done well please tell us that as well as people often do forget to say.