Life is never dull at Customer Street

4 12 2007

I haven’t posted for a little while. It has been so busy here with all the exciting changes we are making to offer our customers an even better service.

Some of the projects have been a bit hush hush as we have to manage the process of rolling out changes for our staff. However, I am pleased say in the past two months we have implemented changes to our customer care designed to increase customer staisfaction and ensure that they get the best out of of excellent directory packages.

The biggest change has been to introduce Account Managers into our sales offices. This means that post sale our customer will have regular contact with the sales team to ensure they are understand what they have purchased and also to ensure that the customer is getting found for the services they offer. This might not sound like a big change, but it has involved hundreds of hours of development, testing and training to ensure we get it right.

We have also done a complete overhaul on the look and feel of QAD. users now have a much more intuitive interface and can easily access information about the case they are dealing with.

This is all amongst the usual demands of a dynamic business. My latest project is getting the fit out done for our new sales office in Huddersfield.

Life is certainly never dull at Customer Street!


The First Post

17 07 2007

I know the title of this piece is not exactly original but it does sum up the excitement that one used to get when we had 2 postal deliveries every day. The first post would come early and as a child I can remember on birthdays eagerly awaiting the clatter of the letter box as the postman (it was a postman in those days) got to the house at about 7 am. Progress means that today I get my post at anytime from 10am to 4pm! I firmly believe that progress and efficiency should not mean that service gets worse.

In my role here at Customer Street my personal mission is Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI). This is a personal development concept first coined by Anthony Robbins over 10 years ago. This concept applies equally to organisations as it does to individuals.

Robbins was influenced by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming is credited as one of the leaders who brought the first quality movements to the Japanese. His basic premise was that the secret to help the Japanese achieve world power and economic success was if every single person and organisation commit to constant improvement. The Japanese have a single word for “constant and never-ending improvement” and it’s called “Kaizen.” Kaizen is from the Japanese words Kai and Zen where “kai” means change and “zen” means good.

To quote Tony Robbins, “We only learn our limits by going beyond them.” CANI! is a principle which is designed to encourage small incremental improvements daily and in doing so, find a way to go beyond the current set of self-imposed limitations.

For me every day at Customer Street is taken up with making an assessment of what is limiting our ability to deliver the products and services our customers deserve and then help everyone in the organisation to take the small steps of continuous improvement.

All this might sound a bit grand, but it is at the heart of what we are doing. Every single day the management of Customer Street work together to sustain our progress toward the goal of continuous improvement. This means that we are learn by doing the job at hand, we learn by listening to our customers and we are learn by listening to feedback our business gives us.

This blogger welcomes any feedback from customers or staff about how we can make improvements to the way we do things at Customer Street, so please leave comments or email me direct. I eagerly await your first post, and do hope that you will engage me in conversation about how Customer Street can be even better than it is already.