Life is never dull at Customer Street

4 12 2007

I haven’t posted for a little while. It has been so busy here with all the exciting changes we are making to offer our customers an even better service.

Some of the projects have been a bit hush hush as we have to manage the process of rolling out changes for our staff. However, I am pleased say in the past two months we have implemented changes to our customer care designed to increase customer staisfaction and ensure that they get the best out of of excellent directory packages.

The biggest change has been to introduce Account Managers into our sales offices. This means that post sale our customer will have regular contact with the sales team to ensure they are understand what they have purchased and also to ensure that the customer is getting found for the services they offer. This might not sound like a big change, but it has involved hundreds of hours of development, testing and training to ensure we get it right.

We have also done a complete overhaul on the look and feel of QAD. users now have a much more intuitive interface and can easily access information about the case they are dealing with.

This is all amongst the usual demands of a dynamic business. My latest project is getting the fit out done for our new sales office in Huddersfield.

Life is certainly never dull at Customer Street!