My name is Mark Nichols, I am the Business Process Manager for www.customerstreet.com.

This blog is about the continuous improvements we are making to the products, services and processes at Customer Street. I am also keen that staff and customers can leave me feedback about changes or improvements that they would like

Customer Street is a “new media” marketing company that sells web based advertising packages to help small and medium sized businesses get found on the internet. Our package will get you found in the directories: smilelocal.com, ufindus.com, moreuk.com and in one of our hundred plus Customer Street Trades directories. If you don’t already have your own web site we can provide that as well for you with a Customer Street Site, we build it and give you the software to update, add to and ammend it. If you have your own website and want it improved we offer a Premium Design service to build your business a bespoke web presence that gets found in our directories and via the search engines.


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